Bounce to set up 300 EV charging stations in India

Greaves Retail has established a strategic relationship with Bounce Infinity to supply battery switching stations for Greaves Electric Vehicles (EV). Greaves Retail is the first company to join the Bounce Infinity battery-swapping network as a result of this partnership. Bengaluru has been chosen as the project’s test city by the company.

As part of this partnership, the company plans to target 10 cities throughout the country, each with 300 Battery Swap stations, to help Greaves Retail improve last-mile connectivity. Additionally, the battery swapping feature will be offered for both electric 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers (Ampere) (B2B & B2C segments). Customers could soon have accessibility to all Ampere models via BAAS.

Furthermore, the smart solution, which will primarily be available in residential complexes, petrol bunks, restaurants, cafés, co-living spaces, corporate offices, Kirana stores, and other venues, will power Greaves electric vehicles. EV users would no longer have to wait for their 2-Wheelers and 3-Wheelers to charge, be concerned about range, or remember to charge it with this infrastructure in place.



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