L&T, Amara Raja and Jackson win NTPC’s 735 MW BoS package auction

The winners of NTPC’s auction for a balance of system (BoS) package for the 735 MW Nokh solar project in Rajasthan, which was announced in March 2020, are Amara Raja Group, Larsen & Toubro (L&T), and Jackson Group. Larsen & Toubro quoted a tariff of Rs 16.25 million per MW for the first, second, and third blocks of 245 MW each. Amara Raja Group quoted a tariff of Rs 17.14 million per MW and Jackson Group offered a tariff of Rs 17.86 million to deliver a BoS package.

Following the first announcement of the procurement, the period for submitting proposals was extended until August 2020. Following that, NTPC reissued the tender in November 2021, and the bidders’ average yearly turnover conditions were raised in the most recent tender.  The average annual turnover of bidders for the first block was increased to Rs 900 million in the updated tender document, while it was upped to Rs 1.8 billion for the second block.

The scope of work comprises the design, manufacture, engineering, packaging, shipping, supply, unloading, installation, storing, testing, and commissioning of solar projects, but does not include the supply of solar modules. As per the tender guidelines, the winning bidders are held responsible for designing and building module mounting structures for solar modules using tracker technology, as well as putting modules on the tracker and interconnecting them.