DNV to conduct technical verification of Sungrow’s FPV anchoring system design methodology

Recently, based on a large number of theoretical analysis, numerical simulations and experiments, the latest design methodology of floating photovoltaic (FPV) anchoring system by Sungrow FPV has been established. DNV will verify the proposed methodology, which includes the assessment of environmental and site conditions, such as wind speed and wave height, as well as the verification on the calculation method of external load on the FPV array, especially the coupling calculation, the interaction between the anchoring and the foundation, and the internal interaction of floating body (the interconnected part of floating structure).

13MW FPV Plant in Malaysia

FPV plants show an increasingly refined development trend, which puts forward higher requirements for the upstream and downstream industry. In the process of product development, Sungrow FPV has executed a large number of type experiments and empirical tests to ensure the safety and reliability of the on-grid project. Relying on the rich experience and the core technology in floating products and the anchoring system, Sungrow FPV has launched a new FPV technology that can fully fulfill the demands of customers. In accordance with relevant standards and the recommended practices, DNV will verify Sungrow FPV’s methodology of the technology.

On 31 March 2021, DNV published the industry’s first recommended practice for FPV following a collaborative joint industry project (JIP) involving 24 industry participants. The recommended practice will provide universally recognized guidelines and recommendations based on a series of technical requirements for safe, reliable and sustainable development of FPV projects.


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