Vestas launches a 15 MW offshore wind turbine

Vestas has recently launched a new offshore wind turbine, V236-15.0 MWTM. This new product harnesses optimum design synergies from existing turbine platforms such as the 9 MW and EnVentus. The turbine incorporates advanced system designs, including an efficient geared drivetrain, Vestas’ CubePower converter and its Control System 8000. The turbine reportedly has the world’s largest swept area, exceeding 43,000 square metres. It can reportedly generate around 80 GWh of wind energy per year, which can power roughly 20,000 European households. The nacelle is ergonomically designed for easier access by maintenance crews.

The new turbine has 115.5 metres blades with a reported capacity factor of over 60 per cent, depending on site-specific conditions. It is designed for high wind conditions and can withstand IEC 1 extreme wind conditions up to 50 metres per second, and IEC T up to 57 metres per second. It is designed to reduce the number of turbines required at the park level and generates 65 per cent more energy than the V174-9.5 MW. In fact, it can increase energy production by 5 per cent in a 900 MW wind park using 34 fewer turbines. With a reportedly high partial-load production, the turbine can maintain stable energy generation. It has a design lifetime of 25 years, which can be extended depending on project conditions. The first prototype is expected to be installed in 2022, while serial production is scheduled for 2024.


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