SECI invites bids for developing 1.2 GW of ISTS-connected wind power projects

SECI has invited bids for the development of 1.2 GW of interstate transmission system (ISTS)-connected wind power projects (Tranche X). The projects will be set up on a build-own-operate basis and a power purchase agreement (PPA) will be signed with SECI for 25 years. Developers will be required to identify and acquire land for the projects, as well as acquire connectivity and long-term open access approvals for connections in the ISTS network. The projects will have to be commissioned within 18 months of signing of the PPA and must achieve financial closure within seven months of the PPA. Prospective bidders must submit a performance guarantee of Rs 1.2 million. The last date for the submission of bids is February 5, 2020.


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