REC invites bids to develop transmission infrastructure for 8.1 GW of solar capacity in Rajasthan

REC Limited has floated a tender for the development of transmission systems to evacuate 8.1 GW of power from solar energy zonesin Rajasthan. The public infrastructure finance company is seeking transmission service providers for Project A, B, and C under phase II of the transmission infrastructure. Project A covers Ramgarh-II PS – Fatehgarh- II PS 400 kV; Project B covers Fatehgarh-II PS – Bhadla-II PS 765kV D/C line; and Project C covers the establishment of 765/400 kV, 2×1500 MVA at Sikar – II with bus reactors.  Under all three projects, developers will be required to establish, operate, and maintain the project through a build, own, operate, and maintain model. Further, the developers must carry out activities includingsurveys, detailed project report formulation, finance procurement, project management, necessary consents, clearances, permits, and land compensation.The completion time for Project A and B is 16 months from the date of awarding of the contract and Project C must be completed within 18 months of awarding of the contract. Developers must submit a tender document fee of Rs 590,000. The deadline for submission of bids is December 21, 2020.

In April 2020,  the Power Grid Corporation of India Limited had floated a tender to develop transmission systems to evacuate power from solar energy zones in Rajasthan under phase II of the program. The same tender has been transferred to REC, which has now undertaken parts B and C. In March 2020, REC transmission projects invited bids from transmission system providers to set up seven projects on a build, own and operate basis.


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