BERC announces draft tariff regulations for renewable energy

The Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission (BERC) has issued draft tariff regulations for renewables, titled ‘Terms and Conditions for Tariff determination from Renewable Energy Sources Regulations, 2020.’Once finalised, the regulations will remain in force for a period of three years from the date of enforcement. Under the proposed regulations, project specific tariff will be determined for biogas-based projects, hybrid solar thermal power projects, small hydro projects, other hybrid projects or any other new renewable energy technologies approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.  The draft is open for comments from stakeholders and interested parties up to September 25, 2020.


Useful life of 40 years has been fixed for small hydro projects, for all other renewable energy generating sources the useful life has been fixed at 25 years.Project specific tariff will also be determined for wind power projects, solar projects including solar rooftop and solar thermal projects having a capacity exceeding 5 MW. Barring waste to energy projects,discoms must ensure competitive bidding to enter power purchase agreements to procure from renewable energy projects.All renewable energy projects other than biomass power plants with installed capacity of 10 MW and above, and non-fossil fuel-based co-generation plants will be treated as ‘must run’ power plants and not be subjected to merit order dispatch principles.


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