Vision Mechatronics releases solar-powered battery back-up solution

Indian manufacturer Vision Mechatronics has released a building-integrated back-up power system called OneBox. The solution has a lithium battery, a hybrid inverter and a solar charge controller to give a hassle-free solution for electricity backup during power outages for residential establishments. The system reportedly offers a high peak discharge current which enables it to handle loads such as elevators and air conditioners, which require a high initial current, with a comparatively small lithium battery capacity. The system also supports single-phase outage and has a claimed response time of 7 milliseconds. This ensures uninterrupted supply and zero blackouts. The entire system has a hassle-free plug-and-play set-up as the inverters and batteries come preconfigured in OneBox to suit customer requirements. In addition, solar rooftop owners are offered a grid feed feature to maximise their net metering income from any excess power generated.

The company claims that its lithium battery features active balancing and internet of things capabilities along with predictive and preventive monitoring, helping extend battery life. The predictive monitoring feature observes cell-level data to signal, usually by email, when the battery or system will need attention, 15 days in advance. The system has an auto-on/off feature, and the smart battery helps identify the cause of failure, enabling customers to take corrective actions. The battery management system (BMS) used in OneBox is compliant with the standards on “safety and performance requirements for grid-interactive energy storage systems and battery management systems”, released by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The company has installed a grid-interactive, lithium battery-based energy storage system coupled with a rooftop solar plant in South Delhi. OneBox handles the electricity loads of an elevator, five air conditioners, two ovens, water pumps, slow-charging electric vehicle points, common lighting, and lights, fans and plug points for one full floor of the building that it has been installed in.


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