GoodWe Winner of the 2020 “Best Inverter Award” of the PV Magazine

GoodWe has started this year with the right foot: our company has been selected as a winner in the category of best inverter by the PV Magazine for the innovation and design of our newly developed A-ES storageinverter. This recognition gives us great motivation to keep working hard and we feel grateful for it.

The A-ES Series is GoodWe’s innovative adaptation of the internationally successful ES energy storage solution inverter. This inverter is a solution for situations of grid failure and its comprehensive functionality was conceived for boosting self-consumption. It is available on a power range of 5 and 10kW with as many as 4 MPPTs,and with its UPS function has the capacity to provide all the power that home-owners may need in situations of emergency. It features a 50% of oversizing capability and also boasts a Zero Export function.

The Best Inverter Award given to GoodWe by the PV Magazine is of course a recognition to the collective efforts of the company. However, in all fairness,this award is mostly a recognition to the R & D capabilities of GoodWe, which are behind our ability to keep launching new products and our flexibility to learn and adapt quickly to the diversified conditions of different markets in the world. GoodWe boasts one of the most comprehensive portfolios of PV solar inverters in the worldand at present our products cover practically all the market segments.

It is precisely because GoodWe is advantaged with an R & D team of approximately 200 solar researchers,that our company has reached a position of leadership in the complex and expanding energy storagemarket segment. This team is GoodWe’s secret weapon not only for securing patents and awards but for expanding a large network of customers all over the world, that are loyal to our energy storage inverters for their great quality, design and superb functionality.

The year is starting in an upbeat way for the global solar industry. On its latest forecast, IHS anticipates that in 2020 more than 140GW of new solar energy will be installed across the world. Sadly, the year has also started with a myriad of evidences that the climate crisis is reaching dangerous proportions. At this very moment in which the forests of Australia burn, we remind ourselves and our peers of the purpose of our original mission to develop better solar technologies to make our world more sustainable.

We are deeply grateful with the PV Magazine for this award. GoodWe thanks and recognizes the PV Magazine for the terrific job it is doing to foster the development of the solar industry across continents and spread the knowledge generated by our community in the word.


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