Sungrow launches new 1,500 V inverter solutions

Sungrow, a global solar inverter solution supplier, unveiled a comprehensive product portfolio at the Renewable Energy India (REI) 2019 Expo. The key product offerings showcased included the SG5000UD, a 1,500 Vdc outdoor central inverter, and the SG250HX-IN, a 1,500 Vdc string inverter. The central inverter, SG5000UD, is a turnkey solution for 1,500 Vdc systems and features an optimal protection level of IP65. As per the company, the product’s maximum efficiency is 99 per cent and this inverter can work without derating at 50 degrees Celsius. Thus, the solution is ideal for Indian projects as it enables sustained power yields despite the high temperatures and corrosion due to sand in the Indian landscape, and helps in reducing operations and maintenance (O&M) costs. The product has been developed for large utility-scale plants and its 5 MW size claims a high DC/AC ratio of up to 1.7. This also enables flexibility between 5 MW and 10 MW block design for ensuring an optimised levellised cost of energy.

The 1,500 Vdc string inverter solution, SG250HX-IN, comes with 12 maximum power point trackers and claims a maximum efficiency of 99 per cent. The product enables designs with 6.3 MW blocks, making it an ideal solution for utility-scale applications in hilly areas.


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