Ginlong(Solis)is among thetop three again! China releases Inverter Export Data for the first half of 2019

The first half of 2019 saw China’s PV inverter export volume grow for a third year in a row.Increasing inverter exports from China, and greater sales and acceptance outside of China have become the general trends.  Import/export customs data from the first half of 2019 shows that China’s inverter exports are valued at $1.3 billion, with the top 20 PV inverter companies accounting for nearly 50 per cent and the top fivecompanies accounting for 36.44 per cent of total export value.

Ginlong(Solis) Technologies (recently listed A-Share) lead the market today and it is expected they will continue to lead the PV inverter export boom going into 2020. Changing market conditions are testing all companies and these new challenges have put strains on some enterprises. Ginlong(Solis) Technologies have addressed these challenges and have increased sales, market share and export volumes, to feature among the top three positions in the PV inverter market. 

In a declining local PV market, competition between domestic inverter companies will intensify. Add insome minor fluctuations in domestic PV market policies, and some Chinese companies, with products that can demonstrate globally competitive features and excellent pricing, are increasingly exploring and actively exporting to markets overseas.

Top 10: China’s inverter export data released for the first half of 2019
(Source From: ET Wanda)


According to China’s Import/Export data, the export values of the top five exporting countries accounted for 50% of the total. The Dutch and US markets changed positions while the Netherlands, German and South Korean markets remained firmly in place. The Vietnamese market has seen a reduction. The distribution of exporting countries has further decentralized. In the near future, emerging markets overseas and a revived European market will become competitive targets for leading Chinese companies.

Markets are growing with Chinese goods and the China PV inverter export volumes must continue to increase, meeting the new market demand.

With the continuingevolution of photovoltaic technologies and the development of new global markets, the global PV inverter industry is seeing a new development pattern.

Looking back over the past decades, European and American companies have alwaysoccupied the top ten seats in the global PV inverter manufacturingby virtue of their advantages in the electrical and electronic fields. Today, European and American companies are gradually withdrawing from the inverter manufacturing market.

Today, the old PV inverter giants, Siemens and Schneider,have already disappeared fromthe Chinese market. ABB Group, which once had the largest market share in India, also sold its PV inverter business in early July 2019.

In stark contrast, Chinese enterprises, Ginlong(Solis) Technologies, have taken advantage of the trend and are further consolidating and expanding their businesses overseas.  ABB’s exit from the market will bring more opportunities for China’s PV inverter companies to expand into markets overseas and increase Chinese PV inverter export value.


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