JinkoSolar launches its new bifacial module, “Swan”

JinkoSolar has launched a new bifacial module, “Swan”, the latest addition to the company’s premium Cheetah range. The modules are protected by clear DuPont™ Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film-based backsheet. By combining high efficiency Cheetah bifacial cells and clear DuPont backsheets, Swan modules aim to achieve a power output of up to 400 W on the front side and up to 20 per cent energy gain from the rear side. The clear backsheet materials can meet the requirements of light transmittance, weather resistance and ultraviolet resistance for bifacial solar panels.

This new bifacial panel can produce the same power output level and rear-side energy gain as the dual-glass bifacial module, but has a lighter weight and is easier to install and clean than dual-glass bifacial modules due to the use of clear backsheets. The Swan modules aim to increase savings of balance of systems through reduction in mounting structures compared with the dual-glass bifacial modules, which have a frame. The lower weight of the Swan modules is expected to reduce manpower costs during installation. Thus, improved performance, and savings in installation and maintenance by the use of Swan modules are estimated to lead to higher returns and lower the levellised cost of energy for solar projects. JinkoSolar provides a 30-year power warranty on the Swan range of modules.


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