LTN unveils new slip rings for wind turbines

In order to support the electromechanical function of wind turbines, Germany-based LTN Servotechnik GmbH has launched the SC168 slip ring. These low maintenance and robust slip rings have unique hole patterns designed for different generator types. The slip rings are based on high quality contact technology, which promises reliability and cost-effectiveness for wind turbine manufacturers. They have a compact design and are ideal for larger multi-megawatt wind turbine generators, which have electric pitch systems.

The SC168 slip ring has a multi-phase rotor which is connected using terminal bolts. It is made of high-grade insulation and contact materials. Its unique design reduces abrasion at the brushes, allowing long creepage distances and preventing voltage flashovers. This ensures longer product life, and thus lower operating costs.

The slip ring has a modular design, which can be easily adapted to specification and auxiliary components such as heaters, encoders and fibre optical rotary joints can be seamlessly integrated as well. Hence, the optimal transfer of data for Ethernet-based field buses or similar field buses can be achieved through these slip rings.


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