RfS bids invited for 1,000 MW floating solar PV power project at Ujjani Dam

MSEDCL has invited Request for Submission bids for development of 1,000 MW of floating solar PV power projects at Ujjani dam in Solapur district of Maharashtra on build, own, operate and transfer mode. 10 locations (100 MW x 10) have been finalised for implementation of the project. These include: area between Chikhalthan and Dahigaon, Kugaon, area between Kugaon and Sogaon East, near Goyegaon, area between Pomalwadi and Takali (R), area between Takali and Padasthal, area between Kalthan  and Padasthal, near Kalthan , near Chandgaon and area between Chandgaon and Palasdeo.

The floating solar project developers (FSPDs) will develop the plants along with the electric high voltage (EHV) pooling substation and the entire necessary evacuation infrastructure from the floating solar power plant till the nearest EHV substation of the Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Limited or the State Transmission Utility.  MSEDCL will also sign a PPA with the successful bidder for a period of 25 years from the scheduled COD.

The FSPDs will bear the land lease charges of Re 1 per year for each 100 MW cluster and will pay the same to the Water Resource Department of Maharashtra. Moreover, a tripartite agreement will be signed with MSEDCL for handing over the land from the Water Resource Department to the FSPD within one month from the date of signing of PPA. Also, the land lease will be valid from the date of signing of the tripartite agreement till the term of the PPA, the term of the extended PPA, or the termination of the PPA, whichever is earlier.


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