Eight companies submit bids to set up 550 MW of solar projects in Uttar Pradesh

Eight companies submitted the bids totalling 795 MW for the tender floated by the Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA) to set up solar projects of capacity 550 MW in the state.

The tender to set up these projects was floated by UPNEDA on behalf of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited and Noida Power Company Limited for 500 MW and 50 MW of capacity respectively.

NTPC Limited, Adani, Jakson, Avaada Power, Tata Power Renewable Energy, Sukhbir Agro, Vijay Printing Press and EDF (Bastille Solar) bid for this tender.

Adani bid for the largest capacity of 250 MW (5X50 MW), EDF bid for 140 MW (2X70 MW), Tata Power Renewable Energy bid for 100 MW (2X50 MW), Avaada Power bid for 100 MW, NTPC for 85 MW, Sukhbir Agro and Jakson each bid for 50 MW, and Vijay Printing Press bid for 20 MW. The bids have now been oversubscribed by 245 MW.


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