MNRE announces draft certification program for wind turbines in India

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has prepared a draft certification program along with the appropriate quality guidelines for wind power projects in India. The guidelines have been made in consultation with National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), and have been named as the Indian Wind Turbine Certification Scheme (IWTCS).

These guidelines are divided into the following four volumes which describe the certification requirements for each step of the construction, operation, and monitoring phase of wind projects:

  • Volume-I – Management of IWTCS, Indian Type Approved Model (ITAM) and Recommendation for Grid Synchronization of Prototype Wind Turbine
  • Volume-II – Indian Type Certification Scheme
  • Volume-III – Wind Farm Project Certification Scheme
  • Volume-IV – Wind Turbine Safety and Performance Certification Scheme

The certification scheme is derived from national and international standards (IS/IEC/IEEE), Central Electricity Authority’s (CEA) technical regulations and requirements, and MNRE guidelines, to ensure that the quality of the wind power projects is maintained during their entire lifetime. IWTCS also specifies guidelines to assess wind turbines on their, safety, reliability, performance, testing and interaction with electrical power networks.

The IWTCS will thus provide the standard for best practices to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), end users like utilities, state nodal agencies, developers, independent power producers, owners, authorities as well as investors and insurers, certification bodies and testing laboratories. The draft is open for comments until December 5, 2018.


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