Vikram Solar launches its latest half-cell line of modules

India-based module manufacturer Vikram Solar has launched a new line of solar modules based on the latest half-cell technology. This technology increases module output by about 15 Wp per module compared to standard PV modules, and boasts of an efficiency of up to 19.56 per cent. The high efficiency offered by these modules makes them ideal for use in both rooftop and utility-scale projects. These high power density modules have been designed to generate more power using advanced mono-Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) half-cells.

Half-cell modules have lower cell resistance, which contributes to its higher energy yield. The module comes with an innovative design that minimises shadow-loss when one-half of the modules are affected by shading through a series-parallel cell connection. These modules offer additional benefits of reduction in module power mismatch loss and no hot spot degradation. In addition, the split junction box improves heat dissipation, increasing the module life.


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