SECI revises capacity for 5 GW solar manufacturing capacity linked with PPAs for ISTS solar connectivity

SECI has reduced the capacity component for solar manufacturing plants from the current 5 GW to 3 GW. Initially, SECI had tendered 5 GW of solar manufacturing capacity linked with 10 GW of ISTS-connected solar PV projects on a BOO basis. The solar power developers will be selected through tariff-based competitive bidding followed by an e-reverse auction. The interested developers can submit bids for a minimum capacity of 2,000 MW, pursuant to which a capacity to produce 600 MW of solar components must also be set up. However, capacity for the total power projects awarded will remain at 10 GW. The maximum tariff payable to developers has been reduced from Rs 2.93 per kWh to Rs 2.75 per kWh (excluding the safeguard duty). Earnest money deposit and performance bank guarantee amounts have also been revised in line with the reduction in manufacturing unit sizes.


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