LONGi declares record bifaciality value of 82.15 per cent for mono PERC bifacial module

LONGi declares record bifaciality value of 82.15 per cent for mono PERC bifacial module

LONGi Solar, a subsidiary of LONGI Green Energy Technology, has reported a record bifaciality reading of 82.15 per cent for its “Hi-MO2” mono PERC (passivated emitter rear cell) bifacial module. According to LONGi Solar, the National Centre of Supervision and Inspection on Solar Photovoltaic Products Quality in China had issued an independent test report validating the bifaciality record.

The bifaciality factor relates to bifacial cells when tested under standard test conditions, taking into account the front side power rating and the rear side power rating. Bifaciality refers to the ratio of the front power to the rear power that was measured.

According to LONGi Solar, a growing number of suppliers have achieved bifaciality of around 75 per cent. LONGi noted that its HI-MO2 modules in mass production had a front side cell conversion efficiency of over 21.2 per cent, which, with a rear side power yield, increases the overall module efficiency by around 10 per cent. This results in 330 W capacity for a 60-cell module (300 W from the front side), and 396 W capacity for a 72-cell module (360 W from the front side).


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