Unique Solutions for Functional Switching in Solar PV Installations, Enhancing Safety & Reliability for a Higher System Up-Time

Socomec innovative PV switching technology, offers a wide variety of switching solutions for use inside Array Junction box; String Combiner box and for safety DC side isolation of Solar Inverter.

The versatile PV product range spans across applications towards isolation of rooftop installation entailing 600Vdc  as well as for ground mounted solar PV system, having 1000Vdc as well as the latest grid connected 1500Vdc systems. In addition to the most commonly used manual PV isolator, then the remotely operated motorized versions, Socomec has recently launched a new modular state of art Trip version, that incorporates class leading performance in a compact frame.

Typically, the 1000Vdc PV rated Isolators are available in 4pole execution wherein, sets of poles are connected in series via shorting links, for easy of positive (+ve) and negative (-ve) PV cable termination. This design of PV switches relies on integrated Arc chutes to direct the flow of the PV Arc into the Arch chamber for a quick and effective dissipation. The design qualifies for 250Vdc breaking per pole. While further enhancing the operational performance envelope that is benchmarked with reference to the best that technological innovation may help achieve, there is a new range of PV Isolators that are even more compact, completely avoiding the shorting links, enabling 1000Vdc design with just 2 real poles. The exceedingly high 500Vdc/pole voltage break is achieved by a unique patented Magnet based Arc chute, that effectively utilizes the Lorentz law for a quick and reliable arc extinction. The same design philosophy is effectively employed in the design of 1500Vdc PV isolators.

Both the designs are capable of proactively interrupting the Critical current and actually meet or exceed the stringent guidelines that are set forth in the IEC standards, associated with the Switch deration; self-generated heat dissipation, etc. However, the unique 2P, 1000Vdc design in fact Ups the ante and consolidates efficiency by offering well contained watt loss figures; nominal performance without any need of deration; option to have External operation handle that is tested up to UV 4X and with the operator safety factor well pronounced by an exceedingly optimized creepage distance that far exceeds the criteria set forth in the applicable switching standard, IEC 60947-3.

All this to offer valued a tough, reliable, aesthetically proportioned, ergonomic and energy efficient Isolation device for all direct and indirect customers in the entire PV value chain, be that System integrators, EPC Contractors, O&M agencies or the Promoters and End Users. There is no denying the booster shot in the arm by having an underlying device that is completely safe and maintenance free, giving an assurance of long periods of reliable performance and high PV power availability, thereby enhancing the plant efficiency and reducing the pay backs.