Parker Hannifin launches two cloud-based sensor solutions

Parker Hannifin has launched two cloud-based sensor solutions – SCOUT™ Cloud Software and SensoNODE™ Gold Sensors. The software provides a wireless, remote monitoring solution for preventive maintenance of solar panels.

The solar panels attached to the tracker have an expected load that should be supported at all times. A change in this supported load can sometimes indicate structural damage that needs to be addressed before the scheduled visit of field technicians. SCOUT Cloud Software and SensoNODE Gold Sensors monitor and transmit the pressure levels of the trackers, letting asset managers identify individual panels that may need service.

In a normal scenario, workers need to visit each field to inspect the solar arrays for damage and degeneration. The cloud-based solution can quickly and easily monitor several fields of arrays from an internet-enabled desktop allowing them to access asset condition from any place. The solution also allows them to receive notifications via email, text or in-messaging, record readings and observe trend changes.

Apart from structural damage, it keeps a record of the hydraulic load readings. A consistent increase in the readings indicates wear and tear of the tracker due to failing pump, motor or other system issues. Thus, the overall cloud-based system can play a significant role in preventive as well as corrective maintenance of solar systems.