Delta introduces outdoor energy storage system

The Delta Group has launched its outdoor energy storage system (ESS) cabinet. The ESS cabinet comprises lithium-ion batteries, a battery management system and in-built heating, ventilation and air conditioning system for thermal management. The ESS cabinet comes with a scalable system configuration and IP55 rated for dust and water protection, making it capable of meeting field capacity requirements and a perfect solution for any type of environment.

The ESS cabinet system enables demand charge management through peak shaving, time-of-use optimisation with load shifting, power backup, self-consumption optimisation and ancillary power services. Delta also offers a power conditioning system that pairs with the electronic direct drive or other battery systems to provide power compensation that improves a building’s energy quality.

The product is claimed to have a high energy density and long life cycle, which makes it well suited for commercial and industrial purposes or for those looking to optimise energy usage and save on operational costs.