Sungrow launches 1,500 V PV inverters and ESS at Intersolar Europe 2017

Sungrow showcased its 1,500 V string and central photovoltaic (PV) inverters and a utility-scale energy storage system (ESS) at the Intersolar Europe 2017 in Munich, Germany. The SG125HV string inverter features a high capacity of 125 kW. It can work stably in full power operation without derating at 50 ºC. The 1,500 V direct current (DC) string inverter enables up to 5 MW power block design. As a turnkey station for 1,500 V DC systems, Sungrow’s central inverter SG3000HV-MV features the integration of the inverter, the transformer and the switchgear based on its 20-foot containerised design. Its maximum efficiency can go up to 99 per cent.

Sungrow also showcased an ESS that consists of the high voltage SC1000HV storage inverter, the latest battery pack and an energy management system. This system complies with UL and TUV standards and uses a battery supplied by the Sungrow-Samsung SDI joint venture (JV). Owing to its container design, the ESS can be flexibly configured at the customer’s request, and be easily transported to the site and maintained. The maximum charge/discharge cycling efficiency can reach up to 96.5 per cent and the maximum capacity for the 40-foot battery container is 4.8 MWh. This system can be used for frequency modulation and peak shaving.


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