Samsung launches solar-powered refrigerators with digital inverter technology

Samsung India has introduced its smart convertible frost-free and direct cool refrigerators, which run on solar power. The Samsung smart convertible refrigerator is the first of its kind in the frost-free category, which runs on solar power as well as on home inverters. They are, therefore, a convenient option during power cuts. With a low noise level, the smart direct cool refrigerator can withstand voltage fluctuations ranging from 100 volts to 300 volts.

The Samsung smart direct cool refrigerator has an advanced compressor of digital inverter technology, which can run on solar panels and home inverters to provide uninterrupted cooling. It can also operate on home inverters to provide uninterrupted service during power cuts with a cooling retention of nine hours. The fridge automatically adjusts its speed according to cooling demand and is equipped with up to seven compressor revolutions per minute that makes precise adjustments to the cooling performance and maximises food freshness.