AEG Power Solutions announces its new outdoor storage converter for on-grid and off-grid storage applications

This extends the battery energy system’s usage beyond its core functions

AEG Power Solutions has announced the latest version of its Protect SC.600 Storage Converter, which features a new outdoor enclosure for any type of battery storage energy application, on-grid or off-grid. The enhanced Protect SC.600 version allows seamless transition between off-grid and on-grid modes. This extends the battery energy system’s usage beyond its core functions, such as peak shaving for system back-up in the event of a grid blackout.

The Protect SC.600 can be easily implemented in a turnkey solution including batteries and medium voltage transformers. The new outdoor enclosure has been designed to house one Protect SC.600, an optional AC low-voltage circuit breaker, a communication interface as well as auxiliary power supply. The outdoor enclosure replaces the usage of containers, the weight and size of which make transportation and handling difficult. With Protect SC.600, up to four units of the new outdoor system can be loaded onto a truck and transported. On the site, the complete units can be moved with a forklift truck replacing the need for heavy load cranes. The outdoor enclosure decreases the cost by 20 per cent compared to container solutions.


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