Edisun Microgrids unveils a dual-axis solar tracker for rooftop projects

California-based Edisun Microgrids has launched a dual-axis solar tracker, PV Booster, strategically designed and built for the commercial and industrial rooftop segment.

By continuously facing solar modules toward the sun, PV Booster increases energy production by 30 per cent as compared to conventional fixed-tilt installations. This significantly enhanced performance helps decrease installation payback by as much as two years, and increases the internal rate of return by two points. The company claims that systems using its PV Booster provide yields of 20 per cent and higher as compared to fixed mounted modules.

According to the company, PV Booster’s gearless and lightweight design keeps operations and maintenance costs low. The technology has a low wind profile and its embedded intelligence automatically retracts modules at night and during periods of high wind. The trackers are powered by a brushless and low voltage motor that consumes less than 0.01 per cent of the total installed energy, and use a battery backup unit to maintain operations during grid interruptions. In addition, the trackers help reduce the levellised cost of energy  by $0.02 per kWh.


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