Tata Power and Assam government sign MoU to establish EV charging ecosystem in Guwahati

Tata Power EV Charging Solutions Limited (TPEVCSL) has signed a MoU with the Assam government to boost the EV charging network. This collaboration aims to bring the ease of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to the urban landscape of Guwahati. In line with this endeavor, Tata Power is poised to establish a pilot network of ten EV chargers positioned at key spots throughout the city, including busy areas like Dispur.
This initiative highlights Tata Power’s commitment to promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation, aligning with the Assam Government’s goal to encourage eco-conscious transportation solutions and boost the use of EVs in the region.

In September 2023, Juniper Green Energy and Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited have been announced as winners for Tata Power’s auction to develop 225 MW of grid-connected wind-solar hybrid projects, both interstate and intrastate, with an additional 225 MW greenshoe option on a long-term basis have been announced.

In August 2023, Tata Power signed a MoU with the government of Maharashtra to set up two large pumped hydro storage projects in the state. The two projects of capacities, 1,800 MW and 1,000 MW would be situated at Shirawata, Pune district and Bhivpuri, Raigad district, respectively.