Statkraft buys 337 MW wind farm portfolio in Germany and France

Statkraft, a Norwegian renewable energy generator, has bought a wind farm portfolio from Breeze Two Energy, which consists of 39 wind farms with a total power-generating capacity of 337 MW, for $443 million. The acquisition broadens Statkraft’s growing portfolio of wind farms, which now includes 35 farms in Germany and four in France. There are 165 turbines with a combined capacity of 310 MW in the German portfolio, and the other 20 turbines with a total capacity of 27 MW are located in France.

Reportedly, the projects were constructed 15 and 21 years ago and are situated in windy areas. Furthermore, to improve capacity and reduce the number of turbines needed, the company plans to replace older turbines with new ones that are more efficient. Additionally, some components of the current infrastructure might be repurposed.

In June 2023, Statkraft won a tender from the German regulatory authority to build a solar plus battery storage project in the German municipality of Zerbst. In May 2023, the federal authority issued the tenders, which had a 400 MW maximum production. Statkraft had applied for a tender for a co-located solar plant with a connected battery on the site of a former gravel pit.