Mahesh Wagle: Chief Executive Officer, Cybernetik

Mahesh Wagle is currently chief executive officer at Cyber­netik, an industrial automation company that also serves the green technology space by providing EV battery pack assembly and ro­ot­-end machining for wind turbine blades. Wagle obtained a me­chanical engineering degree from IIT-Madras and an MS from the University at Buffalo, New York. He served as a senior design en­gineer at Keller Technology Corporation and founder-director of Bu­ffalo Design Research, where he gained expertise in advanced design methodologies and manufacturing processes. His passion for engineering has driven technological innovations at Cybernetik since its inception in 1989. “My educational and professional experiences shaped my understanding of automation, robotics and co­n­trol systems, fuelling Cybernetik’s growth and success,” he says.

For Wagle, the most fulfilling part of his role at Cybernetik is getting the chance to drive customised innovation. “I am grateful to be part of a company that values innovation and encourages exploration. I hold a USPTO patent for the shear spinning machi­ne that enabled titanium tubes manufacturing for aerospace ap­p­lications. I also played a role in the chemical milling line for Boe­ing Dreamliner’s floor beams and led the creation of laser point cloud technology for robotic handling in precision industries. These collaborative projects have allowed me to work with talented teams and make technological advancements.”

Wagle has a hands-on management approach at work, gra­n­t­ing operational autonomy to associates. “I foster a 360-degree ap­proach to innovation, nurturing raw talent into solution builders. I actively engage with my team, encouraging creativity and em­po­wering individuals. By fostering collaboration and a shared purpose, we create a growth-oriented environment,” he says.

In his spare time, he finds solace in his small workshop where he tinkers with ideas and tools, unleashing his creativity through DIY projects. He is also an avid reader, who likes immersing himself in books that offer new insights across various disciplines. One of his future goals is to maximise the potential of the company’s recent land acquisition for an additional unit, an expansive facility spanning over 800,000 square feet. “With this addition to our existing four units, we aim to further synergise our innovation ecosystem. My objective is to utilise our collective expertise to drive grow­th at Cybernetik. I am committed to doubling the company’s turn­over by the end of next fiscal and delivering innovative solutions to meet clients’ evolving needs.”