Hynfra plans 200,000 tonnes green ammonia plant in Jordan

Hynfra PSA and Jordan’s Fidelity Group intend to build a plant in the south of the Arab country to produce up to 200,000 tonnes of green ammonia per year, mostly for export to Europe. The two companies have set up a company dubbed Jordan Green Ammonia L.L.C which will be responsible for building an energy-independent and zero-emission complex in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ).

The production of renewable ammonia at the site will be backed by a 530 MW solar park tied to an energy storage facility, a seawater desalination plant and an electrolyser. The green ammonia factory should be operational within five years. Its output, estimated in the range of 100,000 to 200,000 tonnes, will be primarily exported to EU countries but also sold on the local market to meet demand. Apart from hydrogen in the form of ammonia, the plant will produce also oxygen, green energy and heat. The facility’s strategic location near the port of Aqaba will enhance export logistics for the plant’s output.

Reportedly, the announcement about the large-scale plan comes amid discussions about Jordan’s hydrogen strategy which is being currently developed. The energy ministry is holding consultations with key partners in the sector to ensure a comprehensive review of the main aspects of the draft strategy for the utilisation and production of green hydrogen in the country.