Michelin collaborates with CleanMax for renewable energy

Michelin Group, the French tyre company has inked a power purchase agreement with CleanMax Enviro Energy Solutions Private Limited to increase its renewable energy sources at its site. The first long-term open access power purchase agreement would allow the tyre manufacturer to raise its use of renewable energy from 11 per cent to 37 per cent at its facility in Thervoy Kandigai, which is located approximately 45 kilometres west of Chennai in the adjoining Tiruvallur district.

Michelin India has a number of green energy initiatives in and around its cutting-edge manufacturing facilities as part of the Michelin Group’s global green goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050. In 2020, the company built a roof-top solar plant that covered around 45 percent of the roof area and supplied 11 per cent of the factory’s energy demands. The Chennai firm has taken various measures to save costs and encourage less emissions as part of the 4R strategy of reduce, reuse, recycle, and renew.

In March 2023, JK Cement signed a power purchase agreement with CleanMax Enviro Energy Solutions in Karnataka for 6.42 MW of wind-solar generation capacity. CleanMax will be responsible for supplying green energy to JK Cement’s Muddapur factory from its wind-solar farm in Jagalur, Karnataka.