Ingeteam renews the UL Certification for its Indar wind turbine generators

  • Ingeteam has held this certification since 2012.
  • This certification is essential to market the generators in the U.S. and Canada and to comply with the highest safety and quality standards in the wind energy sector.

Milwaukee, USA, May 24, 2023. Ingeteam has renewed its UL certification to market its Indar wind generators in the U.S. and Canada. The company, which has held this certification since 2012, owns a factory in Milwaukee, WI from where it manufactures generators to be installed in North American wind farms.

To obtain this validation, a certifying company must confirm that the generators comply with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards, a highly valued and demanded requirement in the sector. Specifically, the generator insulation system must be validated in an external laboratory based on said standards, fixing the insulation materials and layers, with tests lasting one year, subjecting the insulation system to stress conditions that simulate the design life (the current standard in the sector being above 20-25 years).

During the prototype validation process with the client, the certifying company supervises the tests on the company’s test bench, in accordance with the limits of the applicable regulations.

From this point on, the design of the insulation system, safety and protection distances, as well as the need for certain components with their own UL certification, are established as part of the certification.

The serial-produced Indar wind generators undergo quarterly certification reviews to ensure they continue to meet the established design and validated standards. This requires that the materials and criteria are the same as those that have been validated in the laboratory and the test bench, limiting any modification.

This certification makes the Indar generators meet the highest quality standards requested by the wind market. 

About Ingeteam

To date, Ingeteam has delivered 28 GW of solar PV power with its solar inverters and more than 57 GW of Indar converters and generators to the wind industry. It has more than 11 GW of total installed capacity in the hydropower sector with its Indar generators and more than 12,000 Indar submersible pumps and motors worldwide. More than 9,000 transmission and distribution substations are automated and protected with its equipment, integrating more than 31 GW of renewable power into the grid. It also has 3 GWh accumulated in electrical storage facilities and it provides operation and maintenance services in renewable energy plants with more than 22 GW of maintained power.