ABB joins Lhyfe, Skyborn in a 600 MW Swedish green hydrogen project

ABB has announced a collaboration with Lhyfe and Skyborn to jointly implement and optimise the SoutH2Port renewable hydrogen project in Sweden. In the SoutH2Port project, ABB will collaborate with Lhyfe and Skyborn to drive large-scale integration of offshore wind renewable energy production of hydrogen into the power system. ABB will utilise essential expertise to optimise the integration of hydrogen and electricity production across the entire ecosystem, including automation, electrical, and digital technologies, as part of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the companies. ABB will also lead the development of scalable, commercial energy transition projects in and around the region.

The partners stated that the goal is to explore opportunities to tie in Power-to-X conversion technologies, turning renewablely sourced electricity into carbon-neutral energy carriers, such as hydrogen, and sorting the energy for later use. The new hydrogen production plant, operated by Lhyfe and Skyborn, will be located in the municipality of Söderhamn, Sweden. The facility will be connected to Skyborn’s 1 GW offshore wind farm in nearby Storgrundet. When fully operational, it is expected to produce about 240 tonnes of hydrogen per day with an installed capacity of 600 MW, making it one of the largest suppliers of renewable hydrogen in Europe.

In June 2021, ABB and Swiss utility Axpo partnered to develop modular green hydrogen production plants in Italy. The two companies recently signed a memorandum of understanding to that effect and aim to develop a feasible business model for producing affordable, green hydrogen. They would work together on feasibility studies and assess ways to reduce costs while ensuring a low carbon footprint.