MNRE extends the Rooftop Solar Programme till March 2026

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) notified that the ‘Rooftop Solar Programme’ has been extended till March 31, 2026. Therefore, subsidy under the programme will be available until the target of the programme is achieved. All residential consumers are advised not to pay any additional charges to any vendor on account of fee for application on the national portal or any additional charges for net-metering or testing which are not prescribed by the respective distribution company. 

On the national portal, any consumer willing to install rooftop solar from any part of the country can apply and track the complete process starting from registration to release of subsidy directly into his bank account. The subsidy under the national portal has been fixed at Rs 14,588 per kW for capacity upto 3 kW across the country. Also, the residential consumers have to install rooftop solar plants from any one of the vendors registered by the respective distribution company of their locality. The list of registered vendors is also available on the national portal. To safeguard the interest of consumers, a format of agreement to be signed between the vendor and the consumers has been given on the national portal. 

The vendor must provide maintenance services to the consumer for at least 5 years and in case of any default, the respective distribution company can encash the performance bank guarantee of the vendor. There is no fee for application on the national portal and the charges for net-metering have been prescribed by the respective distribution companies. Further, no charges are to be paid to any vendor or distribution company for receiving subsidy and subsidy will be credited directly into the bank account of the beneficiary by the MNRE