Gravitricity to launch pilot project for gravity energy storage technology in India

Gravitricity, a Scottish energy storage specialist, has launched a project in India to demonstrate the feasibility of its gravity energy storage technology for grid balancing. It has received a funding of £194,000 from the UK Government’s Ayrton Fund to locate a suitable demonstration site for its gravity energy storage technology in India. Ayrton Fund is a part of the UK’s International Climate Finance commitment that aims to provide developing countries with access to suitable technology which could help them reduce emissions and meet global climate change targets.

In order to deliver a specific proposal that could be implemented in the near future, Gravitricity will rely on the local expertise of energy specialists Panitek Power, who will collaborate with local partners to identify potential sites and supply chain companies.

Gravitricity has created a gravity-based energy storage system that works by raising heavy weights in a deep shaft and releasing them when energy is needed. Gravitricity’s solution can be built in existing mine shafts or in purpose-built shafts with a design life of 50 years.