BLUETTI unveils its new modular energy storage system

BLUETTI has introduced the EP600 +B500 three-phase system, a solar battery system with a maximum LiFePO4 battery capacity of 79 kWh and a 6 kVA inverter. The modular design of the EP600 reduces its overall weight and size. The system weighs 123.4 pounds and measures 25 inches x 12.8 inches x 13.3 inches. According to the manufacturer, the system provides AC power at 230/400 V and can easily run almost any household electric appliance. It is equipped with a 6,000 W bidirectional inverter for AC input and output. In addition, it can enable solar input of up to 6,000 W in the 150 V to 500 V range. Every EP600 supports up to 16 battery modules to reach a total of 79.3 kWh of capacity, which, according to the company can cover all power needs at home or off the grid for days, or even over a week.