SECI is seeking bids for 1,680 MW of solar modules

The Solar Energy Corporation of India issued bids for the supply of 1,680 MWDC of solar modules. These modules are to be procured under the domestic content requirement. The 1,680 overall capacity is divided into four packages, each with a 420 MWDC capacity and bidders can bid for a single package or two packages. The bid submission deadline is July 29, 2022. 

They may submit bids for single packages if they have a module manufacturing capacity of at least 560 MW per year and a minimum of 1,120 MW per year for bids for two packages. Only bidders complying with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s Approved List of Models and Manufacturers must submit bids.

Recently, Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments Limited floated bids to procure 3,500 solar modules. These modules must have a power output of 330 W and an efficiency of more than 16.5 per cent. They must be built from 72 monocrystalline or multicrystalline solar cells. The bid submission deadline is July 16, 2022.