Ravi Ghatia: Head, Project Development, SunSource Energy

Head, Project Development, SunSource Energy

Ravi Ghatia has a strong sales and business development background. He started his career with  German wind turbine manufacturer Enercon (India) Limited, where his role involved corporate planning and strategy for wind projects. “For every job you need to know the ‘basic concepts’, and at Enercon I learned the ba­sics of the wind industry, from concept to commissioning,” he says. At present, he heads project development at SunSource En­er­gy. So far in his career he has sold over 1.2 GW of wind projects from different original equipment manufacturers across the retail and IPP segments. Prior to this, he was project development and commercial head at AMP Energy, India, where, in less than six mo­nths, his team concluded two hybrid projects, marking AMP En­ergy’s foray into the wind domain. In the past, he has also worked with the Skeiron Group in the solar space.

“Today, the criticality of renewable energy cannot be overemphasised given that it balances the three crucial goals of the Indian economy: maintaining a rapid pace of growth, tackling pollution and meeting our global climate change commitments. Unsur­pri­si­n­gly, the sector has been at the centre of policy attention and the government has been focusing on several enablers to help un­leash the sector’s full potential. However, we need to identify the ar­e­­as where the sector is still deficient or needs support and fill those gaps at the earliest opportunity through strategic interventions. These may include promoting solar-wind hybridisation, en­abling round-the-clock energy and building ancillary markets. Augmenting infrastructure, investing in digitalisation and developing battery storage solutions are also crucial steps. There is also a dire need to revitalise discoms by investing in upgraded infrastructure and enhancing revenue collection. We owe our children a greener planet, and a booming renewable energy sector will help in realising this vision.”

In terms of management style, Ghatia emphasises the importance of coaching, having a visionary outlook and being transparent. His motto is, “Everyone should work towards achieving the goals of the company, followed by the achievement of one’s individual goals.”

He enjoys travelling and exploring new places. He is also passionate about cooking. Ghatia has an MBA in power management from the National Power Training Institute and a BE in electronics and communications. Going forward, he aims to become a succe­ss­ful entrepreneur. He also wishes to contribute towards achieving the country’s ambitious renewable energy targets.