Varchasvi Gagal

CEO and Managing Director, Datta Infra

Varchasvi Gagal is currently the CEO and managing director of Datta Infra, one of the emerging land aggregators and land development players in India. He has played a pivotal role in the development of large-scale solar and wind projects at Datta Infra. In addition, he has executed key projects for the company, ranging from land consolidation to providing transmission and connectivity solutions to its clients. He has also invested in several enterprises across the logistics and food and beverage sectors in his personal capacity.

According to Gagal, one of the most important challenges co­n­­fronting solar deployment in India is obtaining environmental and local government approvals. “There will be various legal concerns to address if you need to purchase a land parcel for a solar project. Additionally, obtaining right of way for a transmission line is one of the biggest challenges faced by every developer,” he says.

Gagal believes that the ability to lead others toward a common aim or target is a crucial component of team success. “The­re must be a clear understanding of what your business is attem­p­ting to accomplish and how you intend to accomplish it. This assists me in allocating the appropriate resources and focusing on the relevant responsibilities, allowing people and the company to prosper,” he says.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Legislative Law degree from the O.P. Jindal Global University in 2016, Gagal undertook extensive research on the use of legal tech to transform Indian legal drafting methods. Before taking over the reins of Datta Infra, he founded India’s first “do-it-yourself” document drafting platform, Legal Spell, with a vision to revolutionise document drafting.

Gagal aims to take Datta Infra to the next level, where it is re­cog­nised for providing organised and sustainable solutions for land consolidation to renewable energy players in the market. The company aims to resolve the dilemma faced by MNCs by providing them with pre-bid, post-bid and effective project commissioning solutions. It is working towards a technology that every developer or EPC player will require for a win in the upcoming 500 GW market. The overall goal is to make it easier to finalise land for private ownership or lease to facilitate government-private land allotments and assist in obtaining connectivity approvals.

Gagal believes in pushing his boundaries and working hard. He also believes in taking some time off once a month to unwind, swim and listen to old music. He also plays squash in his spare time.


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