RenewSys launches solar modules with an output of 505Wp

Indian solar module manufacturer, RenewSys has developed and launched the DESERV Galactic Ultra Series of mono-facial solar modules. These include the DESERV Galactic Ultra HI and the DESERV Galactic Ultra HV models. The module manufacturers report that the DESERV Galactic Ultra HI is ideal for rooftop and utility-scale solar power plants this peak output is provided at a lower voltage, increasing the power per string by 20.17 per cent. This ensures saving on the land used for the setting up of solar capacity as well as the balance of systems (BOS) used in the development of the plant. The DESERV Galactic Ultra HV models are designed for pumping applications with a voltage of 60.94 V. It is estimated that the new design results in a 60 per cent reduction in the number of solar modules required to build a pump with a voltage that is 10 per cent higher than other modules for pumps in the market.


RenewSys, the renewable energy arm of ENPEE Group, is an Indian solar PV module manufacturer. The company has two manufacturing facilities in India; a solar PV module manufacturing unit in Hyderabad and a Encapsulants manufacturing unit in Bangalore.  India is currently 64 MW behind its target solar capacity of 100 GW by 2022. The government and has sought to meet the gaps in demand for modules by encouraging local manufacturing. In October 2020, it was announced that an interest subvention scheme was being planned by the MNRE, subsidizing the interest rates on capital loans. Further, it was stated that manufacturers using advanced or futuristic technology would be given additional incentives.


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