Growatt launches residential inverters with battery interface

Chinese inverter maker Growatt has launched a new inverter series, TL-XH, for single-phase residential users. These inverters have reported efficiencies of 98.2-98.4 per cent. They are equipped with a battery interface that offers the option to connect a rooftop solar system to a storage system without the need for retrofitment or extra components. The TL-XH inverters are made of innovative aerial materials that are fire-retardant, light and durable. The product dimensions are 350x350x160 mm and it weighs 10.8 kg. The inverters in this series have two maximum power point trackers (MPPTs), a DC/AC ratio of 1.4 and a string current of up to 12.5 ampere, making them compatible with double-glass modules and higher yields. The devices can operate at a temperature of -35 0Celsius and are equipped with a surge protection device for lightning protection, according to the company. The inverters are available with power output between 2.5 kW and 6 kW. Their nominal output frequency is 50 Hz/60 Hz, while their maximum output current ranges from 11.3 ampere to 27.2 ampere, depending on the system size.



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