Ecoppia launches robotic cleaning solution for single-axis trackers

Ecoppia, a robotic, water-free PV solar panel cleaning solutions provider, has launched a fully autonomous solution for single-axis tracker installations. The Ecoppia T4 is compatible with all trackers and module types, including frameless and thin-film panels. Ecoppia’s cloud-based, water-free, autonomous robotic systems remove dust from solar panels on a daily basis, leveraging advanced machine learning and internet of things capabilities. Remotely managed and controlled, the Ecoppia platform allows solar sites to maintain peak performance with minimal costs and human intervention.

For single-axis tracker installations, the lightweight Ecoppia T4 robots smartly remove panel soiling by using soft microfibre and controlled airflow while the tracker is in stow position, navigating an optimised path. The fully autonomous robot can independently travel to neighbouring trackers over dedicated bridges, leveraging integral sensors. The Ecoppia T4 for single-axis trackers has successfully passed rigorous acceleration testing by independent laboratories and has been fully certified by leading module makers, tracker manufacturers and financial institutions. The first commercial deployment of the Ecoppia T4 is under way at a large installation in the Middle East. Once online, the system will leverage over 100 cleaning robots that perform nightly cleaning, ensuring that soiling and dust storms do not impact production levels. With the commercial launch of the T4, Ecoppia is scheduled to expand its activity to the Americas as well.


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