Trina Solar releases four new solar module lines

Trina Solar has announced four new series of modules. These include the TALLMAX (high efficiency), DUOMAX (dual-glass), DUOMAX Twin (bifacial) and Honey black M. The TALLMAX or high efficiency series can be used for multiple applications like utility-scale ground-mounted solar projects and distributed solar projects. The DUOMAX or dual-glass series promises high reliability in extreme conditions. It comes with a five-year extended warranty for linear power and offers more power generation with lower power degradation. The DUOMAX Twin or bifacial series aims to provide an extra 5-30 per cent of power generation through the rear side. Its bifacial nature entails high power generation in snowfields, locations with plentiful sand, and other high-reflection environments. The Honey black M. modules offer improved aesthetics and have been designed especially for the high-end residential market.

These modules offer a maximum power output of 415 W. An increase in the output of modules from 370 W to 415 W can help reduce balance of system costs by 4.5-8.5 per cent. This translates into a reduction in the levellised cost of electricity of 2.5-4.6 per cent.


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