SECI invites RfS for 750 MW Grid-Connected Solar PV Projects in Rajasthan

SECI has invited Request for Selection bids for the development of 750 MW of grid-connected solar PV projects to be set up across Rajasthan. The project will be implemented on BOO basis. As per tender guidelines, a single bidder can bid for a minimum capacity of 10 MW and a maximum capacity of 750 MW. The projects will be allocated in multiples of 10 MW. An upper tariff ceiling of Rs 2.93 per kWh has been set for this tender.

The scope of work includes acquiring land, developing the project, and providing connectivity as well as long-term open access. The project would have to be designed for interconnection with the nearest substation at a voltage level of 33 kV or above. The maintenance of transmission network up to the point of inter-connection will be the responsibility of the successful bidder.

The projects would have to achieve financial closure within 12 months from the effective date of the PPA. In addition, the successful developers will have to demonstrate possession of 100 per cent of the land identified for the project within 12 months from the effective date of the PPA. SECI will enter into a 25 year PPA with the successful bidders.

For projects with a capacity of up to 240 MW, the maximum time allowed for commissioning will be 27 months whereas, for projects having a capacity of 250 MW and above, the maximum allowed time will be 30 months.

In case of delay in project commissioning beyond the scheduled date, the total performance bank guarantee amount for the project proportionate to the balance capacity not commissioned will be encashed on per-day-basis. Part commissioning of the project will be accepted by SECI, however for this, a project should have a minimum capacity of 50 MW. The last date for bid submission is September 14, 2018.