MNRE issues notification on implementation of rooftop solar projects

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has issued a notification requesting all implementing agencies to adhere to the grid-connected rooftop (GCRT) solar guidelines that it had issued in 2016.

As per the MNRE order, the some cases the implementing agencies have issued work orders based only on benchmark costs, without going through a transparent bidding process for price discovery.

This is not in line with MNRE’s order according to which rooftop solar projects must be awarded based on MNRE guidelines that mandate the selection of bidders and discovery of project costs through a transparent competitive bidding process.

According to MNRE’s guidelines for the installation of grid-connected rooftop solar projects for residential, social, and institutional buildings in general category states and union territories, a central financial assistance (CFA)of 70 per cent of the benchmark cost or project cost has been provided. Moreover, MNRE provides an achievement-linked incentive program for rooftop solar projects set up on government buildings.

The order also states that any violation of MNRE’s guidelines will render projects ineligible for availing CFA. Further, any advance amount released for in such cases, will have to be refunded to the MNRE along with an interest.