CEA issues directive for renewable developers to report grid connection adherence

In a recently held meeting organised by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) which involved various stakeholders in the renewable energy sector to tackle the non-compliance issue with the Technical Standards for Connectivity to the Grid Regulations, the CEA has instructed 20 renewable energy projects, which were granted provisional or conditional connection approvals, to provide reports confirming their adherence to regulatory standards. These reports should outline the extent to which non-compliant operations should be limited or halted until they fully meet the required regulations.

Initially, specific compliance deadlines were established as a component of the conditional or provisional connectivity approvals given to these developers. In a mutual decision, these deadlines were later prolonged until September 30, 2023, to facilitate the smooth integration of renewable energy into the national grid and to meet the government’s targets for renewable energy generation. Nevertheless, extending these compliance deadlines presented a challenge for many developers. The conditional and provisional connectivity approvals were issued in accordance with the commitments provided by the developers themselves. While the compliance deadline was extended, those who were unable to meet the revised timelines were expected to immediately inform of their inability to comply and taken necessary actions accordingly. It was highlighted that all developers must communicate their efforts to comply with existing regulations and uphold their promises. The discussions also focused on suggestions, such as the option for renewable projects to seek a reduction in their connectivity capacity to align with their compliance capabilities.