GE Vernova to refurbish Xiangjiaba hydropower plant

Yangtze Power has awarded GE Vernova a contract for upgrading the 6.4 GW Xiangjiaba hydropower plant in China. Three sets of main shaft air supply pipes will be designed, manufactured, delivered, installed, and commissioned by GE Vernova. It’s anticipated that the improvements will be finished in the first half of 2024. The project is anticipated to boost the sealing effect, retaining the hydropower plant’s performance. The plant is situated on the Jinsha River, Xiangjiaba. Reportedly, the project has provided five million people with all of their annual electrical requirements since it was first commissioned in 2014.

In July 2023, Hafslund Eco awarded GE Vernova’s hydropower business a contract to service the 840 MW Aurland 1 hydropower facility in Norway. The hydro unit of GE Vernova was responsible for delivering new rotor poles for the plant’s three 280 MW/30-megavolt ampere water-cooled generators. GE Vernova intended to complete the project between the summers of 2025 and 2027.