Supporting the Energy Transition by Addressing Technology Gaps of Electrolyzers: WRI Working Paper

Green hydrogen is recognised to play a crucial role in the energy transition along with renewables-based electrification. Mass manufacturing of electrolysers is required to make green hydrogen accessible, affordable, and scalable, and to meet the global market demands. Rapid upscaling of, and improvements in, electrolyser performance would leverage the novel possibilities in product design and enhance the opportunities. for collaboration among the G20 nations.

WRI’s report reviews the progress and current state of play for hydrogen production and corresponding electrolyser technologies and proposes recommendations for addressing technology challenges, and exploring collaboration opportunities among G20 countries, through synchronised policy action. The report also provides insights into facilitating growth of green hydrogen by identifying priorities for research and innovation for technology development, global standards and certification harmonisation, and development of a common platform for collaborative analysis.

The full report can be read here