Ilmatar to construct 350 MW solar plant in Sweden

Ilmatar, a Finnish independent power producer (IPP), has announced plans to build a 350 MW solar power plant in Vermland County’s Grums municipality in central Sweden. The company has secured a 50-year leasing deal with landowners in Grums so that the solar plant, one of the largest in the country, can be built on 300-400 hectares of leased property.

Reportedly, it will be located in a forest area that has been damaged by bark beetles and therefore cannot be utilised for other purposes. The solar power plant can generate 350 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy annually, which is enough to power 17,500 homes.  The company has leased enough land in Sweden in under a year to generate 4.2 terawatt-hours of solar power annually, enough to power 210,000 households.

In early June 2023, the company announced the development of two solar plants in Finland with a combined capacity of 230 MW. These plants will be located in Huutokoski and Vuotsinsuo in the Joroinen municipality. Their grid connection is expected in early 2025. In September 2022, the company unveiled plans to build a 550MW solar plant in Sweden in the municipality of Motala, Östergötland.