Technical Due Diligence – A lite product

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PV Diagnostics is a solar-tech consultancy with expertise in diagnostics of solar power plants and quality control across the value chain. Starting off as a diagnostics company focusing on performance improvement of solar power plants, we are now working with all the stakeholders in the solar value chain. We have evaluated more than 5 GW of solar assets across the country.

Our technical due diligence service helps in analysing and estimating the OPEX, CAPEX and revenue generation from the solar asset under bidding. The main focus of this study is to understand different technical, operations, management and future revenue scope of the plant.

One big challenge is observed at the Pre-NBO stage where the available data is very limited which makes the assessment of net present value of the plant a challenge. PV Diagnostics has launched a new tool for quick assessment of a solar portfolio for initial screening of different plants. This helps in developing a realistic estimate of energy generation for faster decision making and more accurate IRR predictions at pre-NBO stage.

Key features

  • Accurate energy yield prediction at Pre-NBO stage
    • Seller’s PVSyst is adjusted as per actual data from plant
    • Improvements considered based on operational & design parameters
    • Re-powering potential checked
  • Faster decision making
    • Web-based platform with automated data upload and analysis
    • One click report availability
  • Customizable output
    • Users can modify key assumptions like availability, re-powering, solar resource, etc.
    • Estimated for P50, P75, P90, etc.

PVD leverages available data and technical & field expertise to provide realistic and customized P50/75/90 generation and CUF estimates.


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